We're Baaaack!

We have some good news, and some bad news.

The bad news first: We are sorry to report that it’s still a dangerous world out there.

Despite our best efforts; despite the dramatic leaps we have taken forward in technology, medicine, and global awareness; despite the millions of readers we have reached over the past two decades with our handbooks (since the appearance of the original book back in 1999), danger still lurks beneath the surface, around the corner, and behind the door.

And you just never know when things might take a turn for the worse. Or the worst.

But here is the good news: We are here to help.

When a worst-case scenario happens, we want you to know what to do. We want you to know what to do when the pilot passes out, the train derails, or you start to sink in the quicksand. We want you to know what to do when the alligator attacks, the bull charges, or the clown looks more dangerous than fun. We want you to know what to do when your cell phone catches fire, when the levee breaks, or when you are buried alive.

And just for you, we have put together a brand new up-to-date edition of the best-selling survival handbook of all time, as well as the all-new worstcasescenario.com website and blog. Come here to learn how to survive all sorts of dangerous situations, subscribe to our newsletter (Worst-case Wednesdays) for regular survival tips and how-tos, and get the lastest info on WORST-CASE SCENARIO events, appearances, and goings on.

We hope these resources will become your swiss-army knives for the digital age. Because it’s being prepared that will save your life and your limb(s). As we say all the time:Be prepared. Don’t Panic. Have a plan.

Make WORST-CASE SCENARIO a part of yours.

The Authors,

Joshua Piven and David Borgenicht