Debuts Oct. 19!

Be Prepared. Don’t Panic. Have a plan.

Well, it’s been a while since we have posted—but we are back! And back with some exciting news: the debut of a highly interactive, entertaining, informative, and fun way to test your survival aptitude, skills, and the limits of your endurance.

On October 19, at the amazing Franklin Institute museum in Philadelphia, THE WORST-CASE SCENARIO SURVIVAL EXPERIENCE premieres. Josh and I have been working for two years to make this come to life, and we couldn’t be more excited.

From surviving an avalanche and leaping from a moving train to picking a lock and fending off germs, THE WORST-CASE SCENARIO SURVIVAL EXPERIENCE will have you thinking on your feet and laughing at every turn, as you strive to survive.

  • Learn the real-world success stories of people who endured worst-case situations, and those who do so daily. Real people who are real pros line the walls of the Hall of Fame gallery, their stories revealed through graphics, artifacts, photos, videos, and original illustrations from the internationally best-selling book series. 

  • Dare to step inside the Survival Gymnasium, loaded with 13 interactive scenarios to test and build your own worst-case survival skills. Exercise your creative thinking skills, test your problem-solving precision, and approach extreme situations with ingenuity.

  • Hear advice and instructions from the original audiobook voiced by film legend Burt Reynolds and listen to the resident “Worst-Case Pro” who will explore the Gymnasium and offer witty lines and pro-tips in an engaging and hilarious way. 

Be Prepared. Don’t Panic. Have a Plan. 

And click on the image above for tickets!

David Borgenicht