How to Win a Sword Fight

HBO via  Thrillist

HBO via Thrillist

Whether you’re up against a knight of the Kingsguard or Jon Snow himself, your first step is to control their weapon. If it’s moving toward you, parry. If it’s moving away from you, strike.

Remember: blows win sword fights; parries, guards, and steps do not.

Defend with the middle part of your sword blade, and attack with the point or the last 10 inches of the cutting edge.

How to Parry and Strike

1. If right-handed, keep your sword low and to your left.

Parry the blow as you move to your right, and beat any attack away to your right, aiming to meet the middle of their blade with the middle of yours. Always parry with the middle of your sword, not the point. Beat the blow away, forcing it away from your body. Don’t try to absorb or stop it with your own sword—unless you’re The Mountain.

2. If a blow is aimed at your head, move your sword so the blade is sloped a bit toward the ground and above your head.

3. Though it may be difficult, always try to move out toward your opponent, even if you are defending.

Channel your Braavosi dancing master and focus on using short, quick movements of your sword. Avoid long slashes, which may put you off-balance and open you up to a severe jab.




How to Attack

1. Move the sword in quick motions up and down and to the left and right.

Assuming you must disable your attacker, make as many fast, small jabs as you can, with the goal of opening up a series of wounds.

2. Keep the sword in front of you.

Do not raise the blade up behind your head to try a huge blow—you will end up with a sword in your gut.

3. Step into a blow or deflect it to the side.

This may put an untrained opponent off-balance. Once your opponent is unsteady, you can take advantage of their moment of weakness by attacking with your point. (“Stick ‘em with the pointy end”). A deep penetrating wound may end the fight quickly—unless you’re up against a white walker, in which case, you’d better behead that sucker.

HBO via  Time Magazine

If You Face Multiple Attackers

1. If you are right-handed, move to your right and attack the person on your far right.

Maneuver this person to keep them in the way of there confederates.

2. Keep moving and striking, maneuvering to prevent them from getting behind you.

Keep your back to a wall if possible. Preferably, the Wall.

3. Use strong cuts or slashes.

In this situation, use cutting and slashing moves, since jabs may get your sword caught in an attackers clothing (or worse, armor). You don’t want to be left defenseless against the other opponents.